What to Expect


Women come to Stepping Stone through a variety of paths. Some are self-referred; others are referred by friends, family, Stepping Stone graduates, or professionals including attorneys, therapists and in-patient rehab programs.

Requirements for admission are as follows:

  • Stepping Stone is open to any female age 18 or older who has an admitted drug or alcohol problem and wishes to stop.
  • Women applying for admission must have been free of alcohol and drug use for 72 hours prior to application.
  • Residents are required to spend at least 32 hours a week in work, volunteer or educational activities.
  • Residents pay approximately 40% of the cost of room and board, counseling, classes and individual treatment plans.
  • Non-working women must demonstrate the ability to keep fees current while seeking work.
  • Residents are required to participate in regular AA meetings and to work with an AA sponsor.
  • Residents must be willing to abide by the house rules and live successfully in a community with others.

Admission is by interview only. All applicants must be alcohol and drug-free for at least 72 hours before their initial interview with the Executive Director. This policy may be waived only at the discretion of the Executive Director. Women seeking admission are required to take a urinalysis and a breathalyzer test. Those who do not meet the entry requirements are referred to a detox center before being considered for admission. Any woman who drinks alcohol or uses drugs during her stay at Stepping Stone is immediately dismissed from the program. She may reapply once after 30 days.


Our Fees are currently under review depending upon which Track a resident is on.  A one-week non-refundable fee is due upon admission.  These fees include room and board, counseling, classes and the costs of drug and alcohol testing.

Fees are charged in advance, and residents have the option to pay either weekly or monthly.  All fees must be paid by 8:00 p.m. on Sunday of each week. Fees can be paid in cash or by check or money order (made out to Stepping Stone). Credit cards are accepted with a 3% service fee.

Length of Stay

Upon acceptance to the program, Track II residents agree to stay up to 6 months.  Track I residents are expected to stay up to 90 days.

What to Bring

Although space is limited, Stepping Stone wants each woman to feel comfortable. Residents may bring personal mementos, pictures, reading material, work clothes, and comfy lounging clothes. Residents supply their own personal hygiene products and clothes hangers. Linens are provided by Stepping Stone. We only have storage for one suitcase per resident.


Balanced and nutritious hot dinners are prepared and served four nights per week. The kitchen is fully stocked and is available for residents to use in preparing other meals. Residents can prepare their own breakfast, pack a lunch each day, and cook the remainder of their evening and weekend meals in the house kitchen.


Stepping Stone is located in a lovely old Queen Anne Victorian home in the Inner Richmond district of San Francisco. The home accommodates 14 women. New residents share a bedroom with one other woman. There are three single rooms available for women who earn this privilege through successful progress in the program; the rate for these rooms is slightly higher than for double rooms.

The home has a large living room, a community dining room, a well-stocked kitchen, a lovely front porch, and a secluded back yard. Golden Gate Park is within easy walking distance. Residents also have access to a shared computer with Wifi internet connection.

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