Today I’m celebrating my 6th year in sobriety and of course I think of Stepping Stone. I could not have gotten here without the care and attention I received from the moment I walked in the door of this loving recovery home.   read more»


While living at Stepping Stone I learned basic life skills. My program included group therapy, relapse prevention, relationship building and anger management. I use the skills I learned there to stay sober every day in my life.


I was a resident at Stepping Stone for one year. I arrived at Stepping Stone so broken and crazy, for lack of a better word, that I did not believe I would ever be able to live a normal life again and, at the same time, knew that I would most certainly die from alcoholism and drug addiction. With support from the staff and women at Stepping Stone, I was cared for and loved with understanding and compassion. I began to move from hopeless to hopeful.   read more»


I give to Stepping Stone because I can see the light of recovery and healing in the eyes of the residents. Stepping Stone is unique in its emphasis on work, education and community service. Residents learn how to function in the world while being supported by fellow women in recovery, a caring staff and a structured environment.


At Stepping Stone, I found the support I needed to stay sober. I learned the meaning of friendship, responsibility and security. I felt safe. I felt hope. I was given the opportunity to focus 100% on my sobriety, yet was able to function in the outside world. I was given structure and the ability to make healthy choices. By the time I completed my stay at Stepping Stone, my foundation of recovery was built. I had been given the tools I needed to transition to a new life as a sober woman. I am so grateful to Stepping Stone. I don’t know that I could have come this far without them.


Stepping Stone is a clean and safe home with an emphasis on ending the addict’s isolation. Our women support each other, and alcohol and illicit drug use are not tolerated.

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